Mini-Tutorial for DCDump

The parser is available at This link

Step #1

1) Click settings
2) Configure the path to Anarchy Online
If Anarchy online is currently running, it can be automatically detected.
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Step #2

At this point minimize and the parser and login to Anarchy online.
The character should now be detected, if it has not yet been, zone a couple of times.
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Step #3

Open up the parsers character managment screen by clicking "Manage"
This will bring up the manage window, where you can enable/disable characters.
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Step #4

As you can see, in this case I logged in on "Officeleet"
And its been properly detected by the parser.

I now wish to enable damage parsing on Officeleet.
I simply select the character, hit "Enable" and close the manage window.
Continue to step #5

Step #5

As you can see, the character now appears in the parser.
However, In order for the enable to activate, Anarchy Online must be restarted.
Once anarchy online has been restarted/relogged, it will start logging damage data.

Select the character (or hit Latest), and click Parse Now
Continue to step #6

Step #6

The parser is now parsing the last logged fight.
After a few seconds it should finish and switch to the "History" tab where you can see previous parses.
Continue to step #7

Step #7

The parse is now available via the /DC command ingame.
The 'copy to ao' button is only for reviewing old logs ingame.

Continue to step #8 [ingame]

Step #8

Accessed via /dc ingame.
Tutorial complete!

Frequently asked questions

My toons are not being detected, whats wrong?
Make sure you wait at least 10 seconds when logging in, and zone twice.
-- If this fails, ask for help on the forum.

Does the parser work while dual logged?
Yes, have fun dual logging.

Do i need "Copy to AO"?
This button is only for copying in old parses from the history.
Not required for new parses.

Does it matter where i store the parser?
No, store it anywhere you'd like

What is "old log"?
Mainly used for parsing fights that has already ended, like a beast raid that just ended.
Has slightly different parameters than the standard "Live updates" which updates every 15 sec.

Does the parser handle pets?
* It will handle your own pets regardless of names.
* It will handle other pets if: renamed to their own name, or retains original pet name
* It will only handle one of each pet-profession (in addition to yourself)

Does the parser handle charms?
Yes, The parser will handle charms, but a certain margin-of-error is to be expected.
If the charms are tanking, the stats will be unreliable.

I've had a fight, but parser says no log detected (??)
First off: Make sure you have the "dcDump" window ingame. (Picture)
This can be checked by pressing CTRL+7
If the window does not exist, repeat this tutorial

I've had a fight, but parser says no fight detected, pacifist?
In order for the parser to "detect" a fight, you need to fulfill one of these criterias:
1) At least 10,000 damage and 5 hits
2) At least 2,000 damage and 25 hits
3) Running a live parse (version 1.0.36 and up)
This is done to prevent "trash data" from being recorded as a fight.
Example: Running past a dyna being killed, should not overwrite your older pande raid.

How do i start a new parse?
See above.
Starting a "live parse" will include the last fight you had (unless there has been a 10 minute break)
If a realtime parse with no history is desired, consider making a feature request.

131 plz?

End of FAQ

Help / Request feature

If the FAQ did not solve your problem, the forum might be of some assistance.
Post your question/suggestion, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


DCDump was originally created by Wolfbiter on Atlantean.
This version is a port by Eviltrox.